I honestly believe I will never be lower than the weight I currently am, 142lbs… I have never managed to lose weight. I have no motivation to exercise, despite how much I DESPISE my body and I find it impossible to resist tasty unhealthy food and I am too fussy to eat clean, oh and I have the worst sleeping pattern EVER… Been under a week and i’ve given it a half arsed attempt and so want to quit :’(

Seen the walk a marathon in 30days challenge on shape.com and yes it is easy, but I need to burn fat asap, so this is my start.

I had such cheap scales, and they told me I was roughly 138lbs… Just brought nice new ones and I’m 145lbs… Fucking lovely. Disgusted at myself, I am a whale. 

At my boyfriends sisters wedding yesterday, I spent like 4hrs carrying children of about 6 around… Arm workout for the day! Plus the massive wedge heels I was wearing killed my thighs, working out indirectly ftw! 

When I can get to my laptop which’ll probably be after my boyfriends sisters wedding so Sunday, I will make this blog so wonderful and get my Blogilates on! :)